Blade Grinding Fixtures

Blade Grinding Fixtures

Blade Grinding Fixtures make regrinding and blade modification
simple while maintaining accuracy!

Resizing Fixture
This fixture is designed for resizing
blades up to 3” in diameter while maintaining concentricity.
Standard blades can be modified to special diameters. The
correct back taper is built into the fixture. Made with two index
stops, the blade O.D. is relieved on the same set up after grinding
the O.D. to desired size on any surface grinder.

Resharpening Fixture
The Resharpening Fixture accommodates all blade diameters and thicknesses.
The correct end tooth relief angle is built into the fixture making resharpening
simple, accurate, and inexpensive on any surface grinder.


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Arbor for "E" Series Blades  BRF2E   Arbor for "E" Series Blades   $52.00 
Arbor for "D" Series Blades  BRF2D   Arbor for "D" Series Blades   $52.00 
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